New Yamaha Piano vs Used Yamaha Piano

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Some general comments about new vs used pianos

  • You will ALWAYS get a higher quality model if you buy reconditioned instead of new
  • A new piano for £3000-£4000 will likely be made in a cheap labour factory. For the same money you can buy a reconditioned professional quality piano that was made in a factory with highly-skilled, well-paid workers.
  • New pianos drop in value very quickly. Reconditioned pianos hold their value extremely well
  • New pianos rely on the mining of raw materials and chopping down trees. Reconditioned pianos have a very minimal impact on our planet.
  • A reconditioned professional piano (such as the Yamaha U3) is built with a stronger frame than many smaller new pianos. The reconditioned piano is therefore likely to outlive many new pianos.