Sell piano on commission basis

We are happy to consider selling your existing piano on a commission basis. In reality we are only interested in doing this for Yamaha piano models of a high quality and good condition. We offer this service to my own customers who have bought a piano from us several years ago and now wish to sell it.

Here are the terms:

Costs to pay up front

  • £120 to have the piano delivered to my showroom
  • £100 to have the piano tuned, regulated and made ready for the showroom
  • £220 is therefore your total expense to pay up front

Costs after the sale of the piano

  • 20% of the piano sale price to be kept by us as commission for the sale
  • 80% of the sale price to be paid to you less £120 to cover delivery to the buyer and £50 to cover the free first tuning in the buyer’s home. These are 2 standard benefits we offer with my pianos and so the cost of this needs to be covered out of your 80% share of the sale price.

Pricing the piano

I recommend pricing your piano approximately 20% – 25% below our standard showroom prices for the same model of piano. This should help you achieve a relatively quick sale.

Example Sale

£3500 – Sale Price
£700 – Our 20%
£2800 – Your 80%
£120 – Less delivery to buyer
£50 – Less 1st tuning
£120 – Less initial collection
£100 – Less initial sales prep
£2410 – Total Revenue for you

Pulling out of the deal

You may arrange for your piano to be collected and returned to you at any time and for any reason and at short notice.

Any questions about this? Please email us at Thanks for your interest.