Yamaha U3 piano weight

If you are wondering how much a Yamaha U3 weighs then hopefully I can help. From what I can gather it seems to be around the 235kg mark. Here are what various piano retailers state the weight of a Yamaha U3 to be

Besbrode: 235kg
Roberts: 241kg
Piano Man: 235kg
Taylor Pianos: 235kg
UK Pianos: 235kg

So it seems to be most commonly reported as 235kg, give or take 10kg.

  • Will it fall through the ceiling? **
    If you place a Yamaha U3 upstairs you won’t have any problems with it falling through the floor unless you have a seriously week house. The weight is shared out across the 4 castors so you should be fine. If you are in any doubt then of course you should get a builder in to do some tests and give you his professional opinion on whether the weight will be an issue.

A bathful of water is around 300kg so if you’ve got a bath upstairs you should be fine with a piano up there too.

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