Piano Sales Assistant - Battersea, Saturday Job

For the kind attention of piano players (and maybe piano tuners?) within travelling distance to Battersea who might enjoy helping young families choose a Yamaha acoustic piano,

We are looking for someone who is available most Saturdays 10am-5pm to be available on-call and also in-person to meet customers who book a time slot to visit our Yamaha piano showroom in Battersea. In quiet periods there may be zero customers which means you can stay at home and still get paid the 7 hours. During busier periods there may be a handful of customers in a single day.

You will be paid 7 hours work whether any customers book or not. If customers arrive and make a purchase then you will receive a commission payment for each piano sold. The hourly rate is set at £11.05 which is the current national living wage set by the “Living Wage Foundation”. So that’s £77.35 plus commission payments. Please ask us privately about the commission rate.

There is strong potential to earn a good Saturday wage in a low-stress, laid back environment, greeting and assisting our lovely, polite customers. We typically serve young families helping their children to choose their first high quality upright acoustic Yamaha piano. Each visit typically lasts around 90 minutes and is a private viewing which means you won’t have to juggle multiple customers at the same time.

You should have all of the following qualities to apply for this job:

- Comfortable playing piano in front of customers to a good standard (grade 5 or higher ideally)
- Confident, friendly and relaxed personality.
- Very patient with hesitant customers
- Perfectly punctual, ready to arrive early for each appointment to prepare the showroom

Our showroom is near Halfords in Battersea, SW11 3RX. There is free parking on-site for yourself and customers all day. Please check public transport links if needed.

We are a husband and wife team running our main warehouse from Greater Manchester and sending pianos to Battersea for customers in London. We believe we are easy to work with, we care for our staff and team members and we feel lucky that all of our customers are lovely to deal with. So we think this is a very exciting and rare opportunity for the right person. We’d love to hear from you and look forward to receiving your application.

Please apply in writing using THIS FORM , preferably before Friday morning 14th Jan 2022 (sorry it’s late notice) and please also send your CV to us at markgoodwinpianos@gmail.com

Many thanks for your time

Kind Regards,
Mark & Julie Goodwin