Sell piano on commission basis

We are happy to consider selling your Yamaha piano on a commission basis. We have done this successfully for many of our own previous customers who no longer need the piano they bought from us.

Here are the terms:

  • No upfront costs. We will collect your piano free of charge within 7-10 days of you booking the collection
  • You agree to give us at least 6 months to achieve a sale before you can then reclaim the piano for any reason.
  • 25% of the sale price to be kept by us
  • 75% of the sale price to be paid to you less the following expenses:
  • £150 to cover our initial collection from your home
  • £150 to cover the cost of getting the piano to the new owner’s house
  • £100 to cover showroom preparation costs (tuning, regulation and possible cabinet repairs)
  • £70 to over the cost of the 1st tuning in the customer’s home
  • Total deductions: £470

Pricing the piano

I recommend pricing your piano 5-10% below our standard showroom prices for the same model of piano. This should help you achieve a relatively quick sale. We will automatically list the piano at around 5% lower than our normal price unless you tell us otherwise. Please refer to our Yamaha piano prices to see the likely sale price.

Pulling out of the deal

You agree to give us at least 6 months to sell your piano. If we have not sold it by then you may arrange for your piano to be collected and returned to you. The collection fee is your responsibility but you are welcome to hire our preferred movers. We have used them for around 10 years and consider them to be the best. If you really want the piano back before the 6 months is up that’s fine but we would require you to pay for our initial collection fee (£150) plus the cost of getting the piano back to showroom condition (£100).

Any questions about this? Please email us at Thanks for your interest.
Kind Regards,
Mark and Julie Goodwin