Are you with affiliated with Yamaha?

Depend only upon yourself, but work in harmony with all things
- Christian D Larson

In General

I’ve always been an independent. I’ve never liked being “in the pocket” of a higher power. I believe it’s important in all walks of life to negotiate as much independence as possible. Without independence, you have to suffer the incompetence and ignorance of those who have influence over you.

In Business

I’ve applied this principle to my business which is one of the reasons why I supply only second hand pianos. If you want to sell new pianos you have to dance to the tune of the manufacturer who have their own rigid ideas about how their pianos should be sold.

My Reconditioned Pianos

I currently outsource the reconditioning work of my pianos to a workshop that has been running for over 40 years. They know what standards I expect and they are happy to make changes and improvements based on my requests.

The Approach of Others

Yamaha’s authorised dealers of new pianos have the option to buy pianos that are reconditioned by Yamaha themselves. That doesn’t appeal to me as I suspect I would lose the tight grip on quality control that I currently enjoy.

Proud to be Independent

For all of these reasons, I am very proud to say that Mark Goodwin Pianos operates completely independently of any other company or supplier. We have the freedom to change our business model from one day to the next. The only reason we would do that is to make our customers happier. In fact, probably every week we introduce new ideas to help make our service easier, clear, more transparent and more fun.


Thanks for your interest in our piano shop. Myself, my wife and my sister really do try our best to put the biggest smile on the face of all of our customers. We hope this comes across to you

Mark, Julie and Jenny :)