£1000 to an NHS student nurse

The Government sent us a grant last week and we wanted to share some of it. The following message was posted by a frontline worker on a Facebook group in Manchester:

“Last Thursday I got in my car and burst into tears! I felt so overwhelmed and anxious it all boiled over! However, on my way home, so many people were out clapping and supporting the key workers, it really lifted my spirits and gave me a fresh determination that together we can beat this. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone! Your support means the world to us all working on the front lines!”

We sent a message asking if we could share £1000 of our grant with her but she declined.

We repeated our offer and she resisted a few more times but finally agreed that we could send some money. She missed our earlier message and thought we were only sending £100.

Apparently, her Mum cried happy tears when she told her.

Love from Mark and Julie