Let us sell your piano on a "Sale or Return" basis


Here’s how it works:

Free Collection

We will collect your piano free of charge, usually within 7-10 days. Free collection only applies to groundfloor locations. If you have any groups of steps or stairs please ask as we may have to charge. You can book your collection here

Showroom preparation

We will prepare the piano for sale including tuning, regulation and cabinet repairs and polishing. We will invest in parts & labour at no cost to yourself to help achieve a fast sale.

Stocklist video

We will make a high-quality video recording of the piano and include it on our pianos for sale page.


We will agree on an amount that will be paid to you in full with no deductions once the piano is sold. We will then list the piano for sale at a price high enough to cover the following expenses:

  • Initial collection cost from your house
  • The cost of delivering the piano to the new owner
  • Tuning and prep in our showroom
  • Tuning and prep in the new owner’s home
  • Free matching piano stool
  • The potential cost of servicing a 10-year guarantee
  • We all also allow some room for haggling to get a quick sale.

We may sometimes list the piano below our normal level to help make a sale a little quicker than normal. We try hard to achieve a quick sale for you.

Sale timescale

We anticipate selling your piano within 1-3 months. However, we ask you to give us up to 6 months to sell the piano before you are able to arrange collection. If we don’t sell within 3 months we will lower the prices significantly to force a quick sale. A quick sale is in everyone’s interest and that is what we will aim for.

Payout timing

Once the piano has been delivered to the new owner and paid for we pass the funds to you in full within 7 days.

Ownership transfer

You retain ownership of the piano until it has been paid for in full by the new owner. At that point, ownership transfers to the new owner and we then owe you the amount agreed.

Any questions?

Just ask. Email is usually best at mgpianos@gmail.com but if you prefer to chat please contact us