Let us sell your piano in our showroom on a commission basis

If you have a Yamaha upright or grand piano for sale, we would very much like the opportunity to sell it on your behalf here in our piano showrooms (Manchester and London).

Please request your commission quote here. We will reply letting your know what percentage our commission is and how much you will receive once the piano has been sold.

Quick cash sale

If you’d prefer a quick sale we can also make a lower offer based on immediate payment instead of a commission sale.

Piano Collection

We will collect your piano within 7-10 days of you accepting our offer. If you have any groups of steps or stairs please send us some photos by email to mgpianos@gmail.com as we may have to charge. Please request our collection booking form by email.

Showroom preparation

We will get your piano back to mint showroom condition including tuning, regulation, voicing, cabinet repairs, painting and polishing.

Stocklist video

We will upload a photo gallery and a high-quality video recording of your piano and include it on our pianos for sale page.

Retail Price

We will list your piano for sale at the same retail price as any of our own pianos of similar age and model.

Who pays for the collection/repair/delivery costs?

We will take care of the following costs which relate directly to the collection, preparation, sale and delivery of your piano to its new owner. None of these costs will come out of your agreed payment.

  • Initial collection cost from your house
  • The cost of delivering the piano to the new owner
  • Tuning and prep in our showroom
  • Tuning and prep in the new owner’s home
  • Matching piano stool

Your piano will be sold with a warranty (typically 10 years) and we will honour any repair costs necessary during that period out of our share of the funds.

Sale timescale

We anticipate selling your piano within 1-3 months. However, we ask you to give us up to 6 months to sell the piano before you are free to reclaim the piano in order to try and sell it elsewhere.

Will a discount help your piano sell sooner?

Yes, if we think lowering the price might help get a quick sale we will do that. Any discount will come out of our own commission. You will still receive the same amount that we offered.

Payout timing

Once the piano has been delivered to the new owner and paid for we pass the funds to you in full within 7 days. This delay gives us chance to make sure that the new owner is happy and is not likely to return the piano.

Ownership transfer

You retain ownership of the piano until it has been paid for in full by the new owner. At that point, ownership transfers to the new owner and we then owe you the amount agreed.

Any questions?

Just ask. Email is usually best at mgpianos@gmail.com but if you prefer to chat please contact us