Underfloor Heating Mat for Pianos

We are sometimes asked if it is OK to put pianos into a room that has underfloor heating. As long as you follow one of these 2 options your piano will be fine:

1. Use an underfloor heating mat
We have recommended many of our customers to use an underfloor heating mat that is supplied to us from the UK piano parts supplier, Fletcher & Newman. They don’t sell direct to the public so you’d need to order one through us. You should expect to pay around £150.

2. “Zone off” the piano
Your underfloor heating system may come with the option to “zone off” part of the floor space. If you have this option you might consider turning off/down the heating that is directly underneath/surrounding the piano.

You may also consider installing a “Piano Lifesaver” kit but that is something that is best discussed between you and your local technician who can assess your piano room, your humidity and how well your piano is staying tune over time. If the piano is going out of tune too quickly it is a good idea to install the Piano Lifesaver kit.

Any questions? Just email mgpianos@gmail.com