Why do you have "commission pianos" for sale?

If you see any pianos on our stocklist listed as “commission” it means we are selling them on behalf of a private seller. All pianos listed in this way have the following features/benefits:

  • Reconditioned back to showroom condition
  • Typically £300-£500 cheaper than our own stock of similar age and model
  • They come with all the usual benefits such as free delivery, free 1st tuning, 5 year guarantee
  • Our usual payment methods are accepted.
  • 14 day moneyback guarantee instead of our usual 30 days. This allows us to pay the seller without them waiting too long
  • We only stock commission sale pianos in our Manchester showroom as this makes it easier to return them if the owner recalls them for any reason.

Please note:

  • The cabinet may not be in mint condition but it will be excellent and we will have repaired any obvious scratches or dents.
  • The internal action will have been thoroughly regulated and, where necessary, reconditioned with new parts.
  • Everything will be fully working and ready for the highest level of playing