What payment options do you offer?

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Credit / Debit card

You can either pay in store with your card or make the full payment at least 24 hours before delivery using a payment link by email.

Bank transfer

You may set up a bank transfer to pay for the piano. Again, please make this payment at least 24 hours before delivery.

  • Account number: 51086387
  • Sort Code: 010750
  • Bank: Natwest
  • Reference: Your chosen piano’s serial number (if applicable) otherwise your surname is fine.

0% finance:

Who is Eligible?
You can only use this option if the piano will be used by someone under the age of 18. It doesn’t have to be principally for that person, but the piano must be available for them to play. This is a requirement by the Arts Council of Great Britain who are subsidising part of the finance for this finance contract.

Visit our 0% finance page for more info and to apply.


You may hand cash to the delivery driver who will be happy to sign a statement confirming the amount received.