What is your future upgrade policy?

We are pleased to offer a full refund for your original piano when you purchase an upgraded model from us within 5 years of your original purchase date.

Watch a 1-minute version of this video here

Here are the conditions:

  • Upgrade within 5 years.
  • We deliver your upgraded piano free of charge (groundfloor only)
  • We take the original piano away free of charge (groundfloor only)
  • Knock the original purchase price off the upgraded piano
  • No restocking or delivery/collection fees.
  • Enjoy a renewed lifetime warranty
  • Keep the original stool
  • Free 1st tuning applies for the upgraded model
  • Full payment for the new piano is due prior to arranging a delivery date
  • If it’s been more than 5 years we may offer to sell your piano from our showroom on commission basis instead or make you a part-exchange offer against an upgraded model.

If you have any questions about this please email us at markgoodwinpianos@gmail.com
Mark & Julie Goodwin