Will a U1 or U3 fit in my house/flat?

This is quite a common concern amongst potential customers. Everyone knows that pianos are big, heavy objects and that some modern hallways and doorways are quite narrow. Thankfully, in the vast majority of cases a U1 or U3 will fit through without too much bother and no extra expense. (also read will a U1 or U3 fit up my staircase?)

In situations where there is a tight 90 degree corner to negotiate and the piano will not turn the corner in it’s normal position, the piano has to be “up ended” onto it’s side. It will then fit around some very tight corners. This doesn’t damage the piano in any way and the internal mechanism does not need any special packing or strapping down as it is already very securely bolted in place. I would estimate that about 20% of our Yamaha U1 or U3 deliveries require the piano to be up-ended. It’s a very standard routine, it looks very frightening but in reality it is a very relaxed and easy operation.

The U1 is obviously a touch smaller than a U3 and so will go around even tighter corners but it is very rare that a U3 will not turn around a tight corner.

It is amazing how often me and Dad find that we have 1cm spare during piano deliveries. But thankfully, one way or another, we do always manage to find that 1cm of spare.

I will update this page with photos, diagrams and videos to demonstrate that the relatively large Yamaha U1 and U3 pianos really do fit around some very tight corners.

In the meantime, if you’d like to find out if a U1 or U3 will fit around your tight corners please visit the 2 pages below so that you can make a cardboard cutout and see if an up-ended U1 or U3 will fit into your house.

Yamaha U1 Dimensions
Yamaha U3 Dimensions

I hope you have found this useful.
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