Are Yamaha U3 pianos made in Japan?

I have stocked hundreds of Yamaha U3 pianos over the years and one of the most common questions I’m asked concerns the manufacture location. Customers are beginning to wake up to the fact that not all Yamaha pianos come from Japan.

As far as I know, every single Yamaha U3 piano that has ever been made has come directly from the premium quality Yamaha factory in Hamamatsu, towards the South West region of Japan. I believe even the brand new Yamaha U3 pianos are still being made in this same factory. So as long as you can find a professionally reconditioned U3 then you can be sure of getting a top quality piano.

There was a time when you’d look at a Yamaha and think “Japanese”, you’d look at a Kemble and think “British” or you’d look at a Bechstein and think “German”. But things have changed. The massively popular Yamaha B1 upright is made in Indonesia, Kemble pianos are now made in Indonesia and even Steinway have a range of pianos being made in China. So you have to dig a little deeper under the surface these days to find out where each make & model of piano is made.

Germany, America and Japan make some of the the best pianos today and if possible stick to those countires with the best reputation for piano manufacture. Yamaha manage to combine the highest manufacturing standards with some sensible prices too which is why they are so popular. As for the Chinese and Indonesian pianos I’d say be extremely cautious. We’ve seen so many poor quality Chinese pianos and we regularly sell Yamaha U3 pianos to families who send us their old Chinese piano in part-exchange because the children don’t enjoy playing it.

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