Yamaha U1 Rental / Rent / Hire from £99 per month

Here’s how it works

  • Choose any Yamaha U1 from our stocklist
  • Place your order (mention on the form that you wish to rent not buy)
  • We will deliver Nationwide within 7-10 days
  • Pay 1 month rent up front (was 12 months previously)
  • Pay return delivery up front
  • If you decide to buy it later your first 12 months of rent payments plus half of the delivery fee get knocked off the purchase price
  • Optional extra £50 per month if you would like the piano to have a silent kit added

For full details please read on…

Monthly Prices

£99 – Yamaha U1 1970-1979
£109 – Yamaha U1 1980-1984
£119 – Yamaha U1 1985-1989
£129 – Yamaha U1 1990-1994
£139 – Yamaha U1 1995-1999
(Add £50 if you want a silent kit adding)

Minimum Term

For a limited time only there is no minimum number of months that you are required to rent the piano for.

Delivery Charges (Nationwide)

You pay for the £120 delivery to your house and you also pay an extra £120 for the return journey. If you end up buying the piano outright we will refund the 2nd £120. This applies to all of England, Wales and most of Scotland.

Stair Jobs

We can deliver the piano upstairs if necessary but the price will be higher. Please email photos of your stairs to us at mgpianos@gmail.com

Total to pay up front

The figures below are based on a 1975-1979 Yamaha U1
£99 – 1 Months rent
£240 – Return nationwide delivery
£70 – 1st tuning fee
£409 – Total amount to pay up front
(Add £50 if you want a silent kit adding to the piano)

When to pay

We require payment to be with us by bank transfer or credit/debit card (over the phone) before we can arrange a delivery date. Please fill in the order form and make payment so that we can then book a delivery slot for you.

How to Pay

Initial payments for piano rentals must be paid by bank transfer and you can see this information on our Payment Options page

Buy later and get your Rent knocked off the purchase price

If you choose to buy the piano outright within 12 months of delivery all of your rental payments get knocked off the purchase price of the piano. If you buy the piano after 2 or 3 years you will still get the first 12 months of rent payments knocked off the purchase price.

Tuning and maintenance

You should have the piano tuned at least once every 6 months at your own expense. We can help find a tuner near you if you don’t already know somebody.

Piano Stool

We will supply a free matching adjustable 2nd hand piano stool or you may order a brand new one for an extra £90. The 2nd hand ones (made in Japan) are heavier and stronger than the new ones (made in China).

Guarantee Details

Problems are very few and far between so you should enjoy a hassle-free time with any Yamaha U1. Any structural issues are covered by us and any ongoing regulation and maintenance issues are your responsibility. We require that the piano is not placed in a conservatory, sun-room or within 2 feet of an active radiator. Please keep the piano out of direct sunlight and a room with stable temperature/humidity levels

30 Day Trial Applicable?

Our 30 day trial offer does not apply to rental pianos.