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Bechstein Model A 104713 summary

This Bechstein Model A was made in 1912 (serial number beginning 104713). The tone is Mellow. This piano is located in our Manchester showroom (book a visit) and can be delivered 24th-28th February.

IMPORTANT: This piano is a trade-in / part-exchange piano and it does not come with all of the usual benefits such as free delivery, 100-day trial, warranty, etc. It has no guarantee, it is sold “as seen” and will need some tuning, regulation work, some cabinet repairs and some action reconditioning work if you want it to be brought back up to its full potential. That said, it is in fully working condition, it feels good and sounds nice to play.

The serial number appears to be 104713 (partly faded) which gives a manufacture date of 1912.

When I removed the action for a closer inspection I could see that there is evidence of insects living inside there in the past (old eggs and droppings). The main damage they appear to have done is to nibble away at one strip of blue felt that runs along the back of the action to cushion the movement of the keys. It is likely that some other internal felts have been nibbled too but I didn’t inspect in much depth because this piano is being sold as requiring reconditioning work anyway.

Many Bechsteins have a cracked frame but this one does not. In fact, I believe it is very rare for a Bechstein model A to have a crack whereas the Model B is usually cracked. The cracks don’t affect the musicality, only the value.

If you are interested in this piano you must visit in person so that we can show you the insect damage before you commit to the purchase. If you prefer you may hire a piano technician from our area to inspect the piano and send you a report. Either way, you may not buy this piano without prior inspection as we don’t want you to be disappointed if you hoped it would be in better condition. I estimate that you might need to spend around £500-£1000 replacing some internal felts to get the piano back to peak playing condition.

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