Suk Ng - Yamaha U3

Hi Mark
Hope you & your family are keeping well. Even though we live in Knaresborough, getting to your Manchester showroom was not an issue at all; it only took us just over an hour & it was well worth the journey. You had plenty of pianos for us to choose from in your showroom, and thank you once again for opening up for us especially when you were feeling not so good after Christmas. You kept yourself in the background so as not to pressurise us into a particular purchase but was there if we needed any advice. I felt quite relaxed about the whole experience because when we visited other showrooms, we were being followed every step of the way. The piano we eventually chose was one of the older ones in the showroom, but the quality was amazing and its appearance remarkable; even the piano tuner commented how new it looked & how good the condition of the piano was, and the 5 year guarantee gave us the extra reassurance but I don’t think we will be needing it. I must also praise the delivery service which you provided & give it an excellent rating. The delivery men were very courteous, well-spoken, polite & came with university degrees, & were very knowledgeable about pianos; certainly not your everyday delivery men. I would certainly recommend Mark Goodwin Pianos to anyone who is thinking of buying a piano from a trustworthy source and who dose not want any hassle.
Take care
Suk Ng