Rev Bill Schweitzer - Yamaha U3 (Unseen)

If you have done your homework, you already know that the Yamaha U-series is probably the best upright piano you can get in terms of long-term value. You probably know that there are several firms that specialise in shipping used U1s and U3s over from Japan, refurbishing them to some extent, and selling them in the UK. What you might not have been able to figure out is which of these firms to choose. Well, after doing as much research as I could, I choose Mark Goodwin, and bought a U3 sight unseen, and it has proven to be the right choice. Mark does more to these pianos, and at a higher standard, than anyone else. The piano arrived in near-immaculate shape (I notice every detail; nothing is entirely perfect, but this was close), inside and out.

All our guests, and even the children’s piano teacher thought it was new. The knowledge that it is in fact over 30 years old, but plays and looks as if it were new, is worth almost as much as the savings. And on top of it all, Mark is an upright, helpful guy who has been a pleasure to work with. Buy with confidence.
Rev Dr Bill Schweitzer Minister, Gateshead