David Marshall - Yamaha U3 (unseen)

We just moved into a new house and decided to treat ourselves to a decent piano. I used to play a lot and my eldest daughter has been learning for just over a year, but a good electric keyboard is simply not the same thing and I became attracted to the idea of buying a secondhand Yamaha U3. I would not normally advise purchasing a piano without playing it first, but with the house move and Christmas rapidly approaching, I decided, against my better judgement, to go ahead and order on an unseen 1978 U3. I need not have had any concerns. You and Jennie were a pleasure to deal with. The piano arrived promptly and was efficiently installed in our living room. The movers let slip that it took them a couple of years to realise that the pianos were not new, such is the condition on the restored casing! However, it is the sound that really blows you away. This is a stunning instrument, and the touch of the keys is so precise and crisp that scales seem effortless. My daughter no longer needs any encouragement to practise and her touch has improved beyond all recognition. We are thrilled with this purchase – thank you!