Martyn Griggs - Yamaha U3

Dear Mark,
This is to let you know how pleased I am with my Yamaha U3 that I purchased from you. I had always wanted a ‘real’ piano as opposed to a digital one, and having heard Yamahas being played I was convinced that the sound was right for me. However, I was unable to afford a brand new one and was resigned to sticking with my digital.

Over a period of 6 months we exchanged emails and you sent me some really helpful information about buying a Yamaha piano second-hand. Eventually I managed a trip up to your shop in Manchester, and it was your patience in playing different U3’s that you had in the showroom, as well as giving me time to make up my mind as to the one I preferred. At no time did I feel hurried or pressured into making a purchase, but after some advice I settled on a 1983 Yamaha U3.

Delivery to my home in Colchester was speedy, the delivery guys called an hour in advance of the scheduled time and confirmed their arrival. They expertly manoeuvred it into my living room and carefully removed the packing material, constructed the stool and even dusted the piano after it was set up. I have continued to be pleased and never tire of going to the piano to play – it’s sound is like it’s exterior – beautiful. After a difficult day at work, returning to practise on this instrument is a joy.

So thank you, Mark, for all your help in selecting what is an outstanding instrument. Your professionalism and the service you provide do you credit and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others looking to buy a piano with confidence.

Kind Regards
Martyn Griggs – Colchester