Mike Cox - Yamaha U3

I learnt to play the piano from aged 7 and ceased playing regularly at aged 17 or 18. I always intended to take it up again later in life and, at 26, decided it was time to do so. After some research on the Internet, Yamaha upright pianos seemed to be a good, quality purchase, with the U3 something of an industry standard.

I quickly discovered that the pianos were much better value second hand but that it was important to buy a properly refurbished one. This is the reason I went to Mark Goodwin and was very happy with his service. He gave me what I felt was impartial advice, explained the pros and cons clearly and allowed me to try many second hand U3s in his shop without giving me a ‘hard sell’.

He was accommodating when it came to delivery and also very well equipped to place the piano in my house with the minimum of fuss. All in all, I’m extremely pleased with both Mark’s service and the piano. I would highly recommend Mark Goodwin Pianos.