Mrs S - Yamaha U3

Buying a piano from Mark was far easier than I would have expected. In the beginning I had googled ‘buying a piano’ and came across Mark’s name. I was cautious to use somebody online that I didn’t know, but he had such good reviews. In a way that made me more cautious as it seemed to good to be true! But indeed, Mark Goodwin Pianos is a gem, as is his piano technician. I corresponded with Mark via email and his responses back were always prompt. My piano is sublime!

As a pianist whom recently moved and left behind her piano I had been putting up with a old freebie. I’m in love with my Yamaha U3. The bass notes are lush and rich, the treble notes are sparkly but not too bright. A perfect balance with a light touch to match. Mark’s service was easy and friendly. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to buy a piano.

Warm Regards,
Mrs S (identity withheld at customer’s request)