NB - Yamaha U3

I started out in 2002 with an electronic piano but after trying out a decent Yamaha acoustic I knew that it was the only way forward. You can feel an acoustic instrument as well as hear it, and for me that makes a big difference.
Initially it was difficult to find a supplier that had a refurbished Yamaha U3 that felt right. I tried lots of examples but each had a foible or two. However, all the U3’s I tried from Mark’s stock played really nicely. In particular, they had a very consistent action and tone as well as a great sound. Buying one was an easy decision to make: they were all clearly a cut above the others I’d tried elsewhere.
I’ve now had the 1985 U3 long enough to know it well. It has easily exceeded my expectations.
Buying a piano can be a big step, but Mark is very patient and helpful. I strongly recommend that you go and try out what he has to offer.