Rob Morton - Yamaha U3

You’re looking for a really decent quality second-hand upright piano. You are aware of the pitfalls and so you want to deal with someone who really knows what they’re talking about. You want to feel that you’re not only going to get great value for money, but that your own particular needs and tastes are taken into account. So, you start researching and before very long you find Mark Goodwin’s great website which may as well say “I want you to get a really great piano, and this is
how you do it” You almost fall in love with U1’s and U3’s before you’ve played any.

And then you go and see Mark and whilst he sits very much in the background, you explore these wonderful instruments, all consistently immaculate and beautifully reconditioned (like new) and each having their own subtle characters. And one of them is going to do it for you better than the rest. The one we bought kept drawing me back, and there was a full 15 minutes when I just got lost in it. Mark understands people as well as pianos and you are quite simply going to get the very best possible service from him. When it is delivered, you become instantly reacquainted with all those aspects of its character which drew you in before. And you have a new member of the family. Our video clip is a bit daft but hopefully conveys a sense of the fun and pleasure our lovely U3 is giving us. Thanks Mark, from me and all of my family.
Rob Morton

Rob also sent me some video feedback