Sarah Gore - Yamaha U3

Sarah Gore
Yamaha U3

Dear Mark,
The U3 was expertly delivered yesterday by Jon and Barry. To say I am thrilled to bits is an understatement. I am in love with it. I had to learn on a rubbish instrument and now finally have a glorious sounding piano for me and my daughter to play for the first time in my life. It’s a big moment. In fact, I can’t leave it alone and have had to drag myself away from it today in order to get on with some work. Its tone is rich and mellow, particularly in the base with plenty of depth and volume when you want it whilst being responsive in more gentle passages.

Thank you so much for all your helpful advice and attention to detail and thanks also to Annie for her advice, patience and expertise. I’ll send you a photo of me and Sophia if you like for the website.
Best wishes,