Stephen in Finland - Yamaha U3

Hi Mark
I cannot thank you enough for ALL your help. You have been not only generous and helpful, but exceedingly honest and communicative. I could hardly ask for more. My wife was worried about us going all the way to the UK to buy our piano, but after our 80 emails (!) and all your advice and help, I couldn’t think of anyone else from whom I’d rather buy it or anyone who deserves the sale more than you. Buying from someone you don’t know can be a complete crap shoot, but I feel that this wasn’t at all the case with you. On the contrary, I feel you have been more communicative and forthcoming with advice, information and assistance than anyone thus far …and BY far. With this purchase, I couldn’t be more satisfied and pleased. You have really contributed to placing a well-loved musical instrument that will serve our home for many years to come. This means a lot to me, and our positive experience with you in this regard will always be a welcome memory attached to it. And for this I thank you very, very much!
Stephen (Finland)

Voicemail Feedback:
Stephen was kind enough to leave me some feedback via voicemail. Listen to the MP3

Note: Yes, Stephen did indeed buy a piano from me here in Manchester. It cost him something like £700 to get delivered.

I sent Stephen an email by mistake shortly after his purchase and he replied with the following message

Hi Mark,
Funny you emailed me today, because I was planning on emailing you later on after work to let you know how pleased we are with the piano we bought from you and with all the service you provided. Immensely pleased. Again, should I be able to help potential customers decide to do business with you by providing reference or recommendation, please let me know. I would be happy to do that, as I believe very strongly that honest businessmen like yourself should be rewarded with more business.

Thanks again, and we have some friends here that are very impressed with the tale of how we got our piano and the quality of it. So much so that they, too, bill be interested in purchasing a piano from you in future. As this develops, I will inform you.
Kind regards,