Stuart Smith - Yamaha U3

This is our new Yamaha U3 piano! I say ‘new’ as, to all intents and purposes, that’s what it is: new hammers, loops etc and immaculate cabinet. The touch is light and responsive, and the sound is just wonderful, clear, not too bright, and with full resonant bass. Apart from a Bechstein grand I occasionally managed to get on to at college, this is the best piano I have ever played. All thanks to Mark Goodwin Pianos!

There are piano suppliers nearer to us but we decided to buy from Mark. To say we weren’t disappointed would be an understatement!

As his Bristol warehouse was the nearest to us, we arranged to visit Claire there on a Wednesday to try some out. However, at the time, there were only about 2 U3s in our price range in stock there. We had up-dates from Mark to say they were frantically tuning more at Oldham with a view to increasing the stock at Bristol. So his Dad drove down with more pianos on the Tuesday, in time for our visit on the Wednesday! This all seemed as though it was being done just for us – that’s what you call customer service! What’s more, having chosen our piano on the Wednesday, it was delivered, on time, the following Monday, and our old piano taken away – at no charge. What’s not to like!

So, as you will have gathered, both my wife and I are very happy bunnies! If you are looking for a piano, why go to the expense of buying a new one – Mark’s are just as good, and the service is second to none. A big ‘thank you’!