Exceptions to the 100-day trial

Our 100-day trial with moneyback guarantee is only available if you pay in full using a debit/credit card or online bank transfer once the piano has been safely delivered.

The 100-day trial is not available if you are:

  • Paying with 0% finance
    This is because the finance company will not be willing to cancel your contract once you go beyond their 14-day cooling-off period. So instead of a 100-day trial you have 14 days to change your mind instead.
  • Having the piano delivered upstairs
    We offer free nationwide delivery with all of our pianos but you will have to pay a charge for having the piano taken upstairs. You may still benefit from our 100-day moneyback trial but only you agree that (a) we don’t have to refund your stairwork charge and (b) you agree to pay to have the piano taken back downstairs again.
  • Buying on behalf of a school, institution, recording studio
    The 100-day trial is only for domestic use. That means schools, recording studios, theatres etc don’t qualify, sorry.

Any questions? Please email us at markgoodwinpianos@gmail.com
Many thanks
Mark and Julie Goodwin