Matching piano stools

We have a choice of new or used pianos stools. Both types are black, adjustable and do not have space for music storage. The new stools are low quality, the used ones are very high quality but may have imperfections.

£120 – Brand New Stool

New adjustable piano stool. Made in China. This is a very basic quality piano stool. If you want something much stronger please scroll down to our 2nd hand option

£0 – 2nd Hand piano stool

Our 2nd hand stools are FAR stronger than the brand new stool above. We import them from Japan and most of them are made in Japan. I cannot emphasis enough that these stools are a LOT stronger than the new Chinese stools, above.

Our very best advice is to accept the free 2nd hand stool and keep it long enough for you to save up for a high-quality piano stool that will last you a lifetime.