White Yamaha pianos for sale

This page should answer most of your questions about our sales of white Yamaha pianos. If you have any questions please email markgoodwinpianos@gmail.com

Our white pianos are £300 more expensive than our black pianos. This is to cover the cost of the conversion. You can see our current stocklist at www.markgoodwinpianos.co.uk/stock

Lead time
If we don’t currently have any white pianos in stock then we can order one for you. It takes around 3 months from the time of order to the time of arrival at our showroom.

Model & Age
You may choose a U1 or U3 and you may choose what age bracket you would like the piano to be. You can’t specify the tone but if the piano arrives and is too bright we can soften it down. If it is too mellow we can brighten it up.

When the piano arrives in stock we will make a video recording and email it to you.

No obligation
At no point throughout the whole choose and buying process are you obliged to complete the purchase until the piano arrives in your home and it is time to pay. You will still have the 14 moneyback guarantee at that point but no payment is due until the piano arrives in your home.

Matching stool
All of our white pianos come with a matching white adjustable stool.