Yamaha U2 Upright piano (similar to U3 and U1)

A quick sales-pitch if I may? View Our Stocklist (usually 50+ Yamaha pianos in stock), read our free Buyer's Guide, enjoy a 30 Day Test-Drive of any Yamaha Piano in your home. Finally you might consider renting a U1 for £99 p/m. Thanks :)

We sometimes stock an occasional Yamaha U2. It is a tad smaller than a U3 and a tad bigger than a U1 so it might be a happy medium for you?

The Yamaha U2 has now been discontinued from production whilst the U1 and U3 pianos are still be made brand new today. For that reason there are not many Yamaha U2 pianos available on the used piano market.

For resale value the U1 or U3 are a better option because they are more sought after. But it is always better to think of a piano as a musical investment rather than a financial investment so perhaps try not to let that issue be the deciding factor.

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