Charity auction result, Christmas day video, harmonicas arriving, etc.

A few things to cover today. Let’s get on with it!

£1 Digital baby grand piano charity auction result

The Gear4Music GDP-400 digital baby grand (mouthful!) sold on eBay for £920. The winniner bidder has chosen the Amber Trust (charity number 1050503) who give blind and partially sighted children the best possible chance to fulfil their musical aspirations. Excellent!
eBay auction link

Direct Youtube link

Christmas day video

I’ve scheduled a video to be published on Christmas day at 8am.

Direct Youtube link (I don’t think it will make you cry. But it might!)

100 free harmonicas starting to arrive

Harmonicas are arriving on the doorsteps of 100 grieving remoaners all over the UK today (23.Dec). The first video has been sent in (watch it below). If you are wondering if you won please read this

Direct Youtube link

Christmas video recap.

Thanks for all of your lovely comments and shares. It was really great to be featured by ClassicFM and it was nice to see Emily’s original soundtrack getting picked up by the media too

Shameless plea

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Merry thingy and happy new wotsit ;)

See you in 2020