Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and we strive to comply with the EU’s GDPR requirements. Please inform us if you think we are in breach of any law and we will take immediate action to make sure we comply.

We will never sell our customers’ data to any 3rd parties but we do need to store and process some data as a core part of assisting our customers. Here are some of the ways in which we store and process data.

  • Gmail: If you email us the data you send to us will be stored on Google’s servers. Our Google account is protected by 2-factor authentication requiring a code sent by SMS before it can be accessed on a new device.
  • Cloud-based task manager and collaboration tool: We use a very popular task management app to share tasks with our staff, piano movers and sales assistants. This means we sometimes share a customer’s name and contact details with colleagues using that service.
  • Customer tracking service: We use a very popular cloud-based customer tracking service to help remind us not to ignore customers who have asked us for assistance.
  • Our mobile phones: If you call or text us we will save your name and number in our phones. Our contacts are then synced with the cloud and protected by 2-factor authentication.

Request to view / amend / delete your data from our services

If you want to view your data or ask us to amend/delete your data from the above services, please just ask us by email at


If you have any questions about how we collect, store or process your data please just ask. Your data belongs to you.