Yamaha U3 Piano dimensions

Height: 52in / 130.5cm
Width: 60.5in / 153.5cm
Depth: 25.5in / 65cm
From floor to keyboard: 24.5in / 62.2cm

Here is a side view of a Yamaha U3 piano. If you want to know if a Yamaha U3 will fit into your house/flat then please make a cardboard cutout using the below diagram. Then slide the cardboard along the floor and if you can get it around all of your tight corners without touching the walls then it will definitely fit. If it doesn’t fit one way, flip it over and try the other way. A Yamaha U3 piano will normally fit around even the very tightest of corners once it is laid on it’s side in this way. It doesn’t cause any damage if you use a professional piano mover.

I stock lots of Yamaha U3 pianos so please email me at markgoodwinpianos@gmail.com if you are thinking to buy one. See the links above to see my current stocklist.

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