Fine thanks, how are you?

I sent a broadcast email out to our newsletter list asking how everyone was doing and perhaps offering a listening ear in case anyone needed to share their thoughts with a relative stranger. So many people were more concerned to ask how I was doing and how the piano shop was doing so I’ve made this blog post to help answer those questions.

I’m fine, Julie is fine, our 3 kids are enjoying adapting to the changing society. Our kids are home-educated so in some ways life feels quite normal. We wake up, get dressed and then escape the house to go pond dipping, bike riding or exploring old quarries. We normally do that with 4 or 5 other families but from next week I think we will end up alone as most families are avoiding social meetups.

We took my parents for a walk along the country lane that runs next to their house last night as a show of solidarity and to remind them that we can still see them, just not in the living room with cups and tea whilst the grandkids play with the doll’s house. So that was nice.

The piano shop should be fine. I think we can stay open longer than other industries. If the Government allows piano movers to keep delivering pianos then we can carry on. We might switch to online sales only at some point soon? I guess customers will make that decision for us.

I will try to use any downtime as an opportunity to make more educational and/or entertaining videos.

If we can help with anything, let us know.
If you need to talk, just send us a message with your thoughts even if it is nothing to do with pianos.

Take care,
Speak soon
Mark, Julie and the gang :)