My Videos

I will store all of my video on this page. Stick the kettle on, there are a lot to get through. Happy viewing.

Hello, this is me!

Difference between 70s & 80s and Yamaha U3 and U1 (very common questions!)

Video showing typical stock at the Manchester showroom

Comparing bright, medium and mellow Yamaha U1 and U3 pianos

How we unload pianos from the shipping container

This is fun little video. Give it a click and turn your speakers up

Reconditioned white Yamaha pianos.

The video shows a white U1 but I also have white U3 pianos available. I often have some in stock but other times you may have to ask me to get one in to order. I think I filmed this on my iphone but hopefully the quality still comes through. They do turn out really well. You can see some hi-resolution still images of this piano on my White Yamaha U1 page.

An old stock update video

This video is from April 2011 and shows me playing some of the pianos that were in stock at the time. It may help you get familiar with the bright, medium and mellow sounds that these U1 and U3 pianos make.

Feedback videos from previous customers

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Dad’s piano moving gadget. Prototype 1

My Dad got fed up having to meet me whenever pianos needed moving around the showroom so he invented a gadget that let him do it alone. Here it is in action

Dad’s piano moving gadget. Prototype 2

The battery version was too heavy and cumbersome to carry around so he made a new version which was just powered by a hand-winch. Here it is in action lifting the heaviest part of a Yamaha C5 grand piano. Clever fella!

My old showroom

Here is a little video tour of my old piano showroom, here in Oldham, Greater Manchester

Uncle Ronnie Jamming on one of my U3 in my old showroom

We lost Ronnie in 2011 but his memory lives on strong.