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Yamaha G3 made in 1773386, £7990

Notes from Mark & Julie

This piano came to us from a small church in Plymouth. It has been well looked after and had an electric moisture/heat control bar installed. The church commented that;

The piano has recently been tuned and was used last week for a funeral

So that’s reassuring. It seems to have lived a charmed life and it’s very enjoyable to play now. I recorded this video on it recently but bear in mind that was before we had tuned or voiced it so it wasn’t sounding its best. I will soon be adding another video showing Oliver playing the piano after it was tuned and voiced.

The price shown here is because this piano has not yet been polished. Musically it is in great condition, it is just waiting to have its cabinet made perfect in our workshop. The price will rise by £1500 once the work is complete but you may buy at this lower price if you don’t mind that the cabinet is not in showroom condition. In most cases, the cabinet will be OK but we like to make them perfect so you might grab a bargain if you don’t mind that the cabinet might be slightly dull in places, etc.

Yamaha G3 1773xxx summary

This piano is located in our Manchester showroom and can be delivered to you between 4th - 8th Dec if you order within 2 days 8 hours (this Sunday night). It comes with a lifetime warranty. Due to the heavy discount, we cannot promise to honour our usual £500 part-exchange offer, and price-matching also does not apply.

  • Year made: 1974
  • Serial number: 1773xxx
  • Tone: Tone TBC

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