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Yamaha U3 made in 1978 2673xxx, £3690

Yamaha U3 2673xxx photos

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Notes from Mark & Julie

We originally sold this piano to a lovely couple from Conwy, North Wales, in 2015. See the attached photo showing it in their home. It has come back to us again as it is no longer needed and is looking for a new owner.

The price shown here is because this piano has not yet been polished. Musically it is in great condition, it is just waiting to have its cabinet made perfect in our workshop. The price will rise by £1500 once the work is complete but you may buy at this lower price if you don’t mind that the cabinet is not in showroom condition.

This piano cabinet is mostly great. I have highlighted a small dent in the photos and there are some other minor scuffs and scratches but nothing major. There is also some “ghosting” effect on the lower end of both sides of the piano. It’s hard to show in the photos/videos but it looks like “blooming”. We will fix it and make it perfect if we sell it for full price but if you can live with it then you get a bargain. If it weren’t for the ghosting I think we’d give this a solid 8/10 for the cabinet “as is” but because of the ghosting, let’s give it a very good 7/10 instead.

Yamaha U3 2673xxx summary

This piano is located in our Manchester showroom and can be delivered to you between 4th - 8th Dec if you order within 2 days 7 hours (this Sunday night). It comes with a lifetime warranty. Due to the heavy discount, we cannot promise to honour our usual £500 part-exchange offer, and price-matching also does not apply.

  • Year made: 1978
  • Serial number: 2673xxx
  • Tone: Tone TBC

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