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Yamaha U30A Disklaviar made in 1990, 4873xxx

Notes from Mark & Julie

This is a wonderful Yamaha disklavier piano in perfecting working order. It is a Yamaha U30A acoustic piano with a PPC10MR disklavier control unit. The manual says MX-100A. The control unit and the remote control are in Japanese but it’s easy to figure out which button does what.

There is a very clever volume control feature. You can press the + and – buttons to lower the overall volume of the piano. When you turn the volume down, the hammers all move closer to the strings so that the hammers have less time to build up speed before hitting the strings. It’s very effective.

If the idea of relying on floppy disks worries you, or you’d rather have USB connectivity instead, please watch this video showing an upgraded module using USB instead of floppy disk. We don’t know how to upgrade it and can’t offer any support with that. We just know it’s possible.

Yamaha U30A Disklaviar 4873xxx summary

It comes with a lifetime warranty and if you have an existing acoustic piano we will pay at least £500 in part-exchange. Found a similar piano cheaper? Scroll down for our price promise.

  • Year made: 1990
  • Serial number: 4873xxx
  • Tone: Medium

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