Gaynor Jeffries - Yamaha U1

Having taken a leap of faith some 16 years ago in purchasing a second hand piano, when it came to wanting to change it this year for a newer model I was contemplating buying a new one. After looking at and trying various makes of new pianos, it soon became clear that I could not justify paying the high price needed for an instrument that satisfied all my criteria – touch, sound and appearance – which only seemed to be present in the top of the range models.

I was downhearted that what I considered my safe option was unattainable, that is until a clicked onto your website. On visiting your showroom it proved to be right, I was delighted that on the U1 Yamaha which I chose, the touch, sound and appearance were everything I wanted.

I must have driven you up the wall with my four ‘looped’ practice pieces, whilst trying to establish which touch I preferred and which sound I was listening for, but you remained patient, responsive and helpful throughout – I particularly liked the way you jogged between the two pianos I was considering, playing them for me so I could hear what they sounded like when played properly! By this time we had gone well through lunch time and you must have been starving.

I am delighted with my new piano, not only does it sound lovely but it looks great too. I do far more practice now than I did before – it really is a brilliant piano. There was also a thumbs up from my two sons who visited at the weekend. They think it is a great piano and that I made a good choice. One day perhaps I might be able to play nearly a well as they can. In my dreams!!

From visiting your website, to meeting you, to the hassle-free purchase and to your delivery of the piano I have felt confident in my dealings with your company. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is considering the purchase of a piano for I feel sure you will continue to conduct your business in an open and honest way.

Once again – thank you.
Gaynor Jeffries