Graham Jardine - Yamaha U3

I had decided the time had come to replace my Yamaha Clavinova with a “real” piano and came across Mark Goodwin Pianos after an internet search. I plucked up the courage to make my initial enquiry. I booked an appointment to visit Claire at the Bristol showroom. All the pianos were wonderful, which made choosing one all the more difficult. Before my visit, I had in mind to buy a 1983 or 1984 U3, but after trying out all the models in the well-appointed showroom I fell for the tones of a U3 from 1979. It was a bit quieter and the tone was so much “cooler” than the rest, like it was still living in the 1970’s. It sounds just as nice now it’s in my living room. Everybody who has seen it, thinks it’s brand new and who am I to argue?! Throughout the buying process, all my email and sms enquiries were answered promptly by either Claire or Mark. Indeed speed of the whole process took me a bit off guard with the piano smoothly installed in my living room within 5 days of first seeing it. An all round first-class service! Thanks again Claire and Mark and your delivery team.

Graham also sent me some video feedback