Julika Matravers - Yamaha U3

Dear Mark (and Jenny),
We have now had your piano for a little while and we are still very, very happy with it! The photo shows Helena and Sophia at our new Yamaha U3. I know little about pianos, but I grew up with one in the house, and I know whether I like its sound or not. Mark was able to give us excellent advice via e-mail, and all our questions were answered promptly (also thanks to the always available Jenny!). The information was detailed and clear, and we decided to buy without visiting the showroom. The decision was made particularly easy, because we had the reassurance that we could send the piano back – without even having to pay for transport! – if we did not like it. But we did! Very much so!

The result is fantastic. We are very pleased with the product and the very efficient, fair and friendly service. If you want a Yamaha piano (and excellent customer service to go with it) get it from Mark Goodwin! And best of all: Even the children are practicing!

Many thanks and best wishes from York from

Julika also sent me some video feedback