Les Cairns - Yamaha U3

Hello Mark
My wife was completely ‘blown away’ by the surprise (I had her agree to stay upstairs watching a DVD with the volume turned up and the blinds closed till Jon and Co had gone), then brought her down for the surprise of her life – she had absolutely no idea what to expect.

Here’s a quick summary of the things that pleased me about our transaction: The piano – it’s condition is flawless and to my untrained ear, it sounds perfect. There was never any pressure to buy. The communications (despite bad weather and the busiest season of the year) were excellent. There was a sense of honesty and integrity about everything to do with your handling of the enquiry. The delivery team were extremely careful, courteous and thoughtful. For a modest fee, the delivery team removed the old piano and delivered it to our local church. My wife thought she had been gifted a brand new piano – need I say more!!!

You will certainly be mentioned to any acquaintance who is in the market for a piano. And I’m happy for you to use my comments on your web site.
Kind regards