Yamaha U1 - Mof Osei

Many years ago I used to play the piano. Recently our 3 year old daughter is starting to learn the piano too. As the piano I learned on had seen better days I decided to do some research for buying a newer model. In order to reignite my playing “career” and to give my daughter a better start we spoke to her piano teacher for advice. He suggested we invest in a Yamaha U1 or U3. It became clear that the Yamaha was the choice of a number of players, both professional and amateur. We settled on a U1 and begun searching both the internet and locally. We visited a number of shops and heard a “lot” of pianos with varying amount of success and customer service levels. In the end after seeing around 15 models we had a good idea about what was good and bad about the U1. We came across Mark Goodwin’s site early in our search and he had a wide range to choose from. We could not travel to any of his shops because time did not allow. We took the plunge to buy from him “sight unseen”. We did the whole transaction via IM and email. It was very smooth and limited fuss. The piano arrived and was delivered by two extremely nice gentlemen and was in tip top condition. They even wiped it down before they left. We were not disappointed by going down the Mark Goodwin route and it was well worth taking the “risk” of buying unseen. It is the best model of a comparable age we had seen or heard.
Thanks again