Alison Williams - Yamaha U3

Dear Mark,
We have now had our piano a full 2 weeks and I just want to let you know what a joy it is to listen to! We had actually been dreading the whole experience of buying a piano, knowing this was a big purchase and knowing so little about pianos. Then, while doing our research on Google, we just happened to find Mark Goodwin Pianos, and after visiting some local piano shops near Oxford, we decided that we would make a detour on our way to Scotland, to visit your showroom in Manchester. It was easy to find, and we found Mark helpful but not overbearing. At times I felt a bit overwhelmed at the choice but Mark had good advice on how to narrow our choice down. I had hoped my children would fall in love with a U1 due to our small lounge, but they fell in love with a U3, which sounds fabulous. We have made do with digital piano until now, but hearing this is just wonderful. When our daughter plays, we just want to sit and listen now! We felt the advice given was genuine and trustworthy, and we love the beautiful instrument we have!
Kind Regards,
Alison Williams

[click below to see Alison’s video feedback (made by her daughter) ]