The soft (left) pedal doesn't seem to do anything

I wrote this page whilst listening to “Love is an open door” from Disney’s Frozen so forgive any typos.

The left pedal of your piano is only meant to make a very subtle difference. It can take you from playing p to pp, or from pp down to ppp.

You can check that your left pedal is working by folding back the very top lid of your piano so that you can look down inside and see the hammers. Whilst looking at the hammers ask someone to press and release the left pedal a few times. If you see the hammers moving closer and further away from the strings then your left pedal is working fine.

If the hammers don’t move then you have problem. If you got your piano from us just email us and we will arrange for the problem to be fixed.

Thanks :)
p.s. love is an open dooooooooor, with you, with you, with you, with you etc.