Yamaha T121 upright piano review and information

The Yamaha T121 is the same height as the Yamaha U1. Its quality isn’t quite as high, but it is a great budget option! If you have any technical info or corrections for this article, please email mgpianos@gmail.com.

The pros & cons of the Yamaha T121


  • The Yamaha T121 is 121cm, making it a fantastic option for smaller spaces.
  • The Yamaha T121 is a Japanese piano. All of Yamaha’s best pianos are made in their Hamamatsu factory in Japan.
  • If you love the Yamaha U1, but can’t afford it, a Yamaha T121 would be the next best thing.


  • You will constantly be comparing it to the Yamaha U1!
  • At 121cm, the T121 is 10cm shorter than the Yamaha U3 and similar models, so it may not have the same richness, especially in the bass region.

When was it produced?

Production of the Yamaha T121 began in the 2000’s and production ended in the early 2010’s,

Where was it made?

The Yamaha T121 comes from the Hamamatsu factory in Japan. Yamaha makes all of its best pianos at this factory, including its concert grand, the CFX, which sells for £140k. When looking to buy a piano, we always suggest to look for the Japanese models.

Yamaha T121 videos

Here is a video of the Yamaha U7:


Don’t just take my word for it, here is a quote I found on Piano World comparing the Yamaha T121 and the Yamaha U1:

“for the record, I still feel the T121 is a descent piano, but if you have the extra $$ to spend, the U1 would certainly be the better instrument..” – http://forum.pianoworld.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/12210/difference-between-yamaha-t121-and-u1.html

And another…

“Both pianos are made in the Japan factory. I was told that originally the T121 had a Taiwanese case, but now they’re Japanese made. Can’t confirm that with my own eyes of course. The frames are the same, keys and actions too. As mentioned the U1 has different hammers, with underfelt, that give a slightly softer sound. The U1 has the prettier case including soft close fall, compared to the boxy case and fast close fall on the T121. The U1 has an extra backpost. There is an extra bolt in the U1 between frame and backpost which I think improves the tuning stability over the T121 a fair bit. The T121 doesn’t have it as the back post doesn’t line up with the hole in the frame for the bolt.
Personally I think the U1 sounds better than the T121. Do I think it’s worth the extra cash? No. With a bit of voicing and a few extra tunings to pick up the tuning stability, a T121 will sound pretty much the same as the U1. And I think the T121 has enough back posts. Haven’t heard of one failing in that area yet.” – http://forum.pianoworld.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/12210/difference-between-yamaha-t121-and-u1.html

Who should buy them?

If you really can’t stretch your budget to the Yamaha U1, then a T121 would be the next best thing, it has a great sound and is a decent piano for beginners.

Will I need to upgrade at some point?

Possibly, one day you may well want something with a more deep and resonant tone.


Height: 121cm
Width: 152cm
Depth: 60cm

New and used prices

You can get a reconditioned Yamaha T121 for around £4000.

Alternative models to consider similar to this

The Yamaha U1 is good alternative to the T121 or for something even bigger and better, you could look at the world famous Yamaha U3, a professional grade piano.


If you come across a Yamaha T121 and can’t afford the Yamaha U1, then you’ll be happy for a long time. It is a very good piano.

Looking to buy?

To check if we have a T121 in stock (not likely, sorry!) please visit our pianos for sale page.

I hope this summary was helpful to you, and as always your feedback, thoughts and questions are welcomed, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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