Yamaha B3 upright piano

The Yamaha B3 is the best piano in the B-series but it isn’t made in Japan and there may be better options for the same price. If you have any technical info or corrections for this article, please email mgpianos@gmail.com.

The pros of buying a Yamaha B3

  • At 121cm tall, it is the same height as the excellent Yamaha U1 which means it houses nice long strings and a decent-sized soundboard.

What are the cons of buying a Yamaha B3?

  • It is made in Indonesia, the best Yamaha pianos are manufactured in Japan.
  • You may soon wish to upgrade it for a piano that has a better sound quality and will see you through the higher grades.
  • It is 10cm shorter than a U3. Taller is better.

When was it produced?

The Yamaha B3 is still being manufactured today.

Where was it made?

All of the B series pianos are manufactured in Yamaha’s factory in Indonesia. Yamaha’s highest quality pianos are made in Japan.

How does it differ to similar models?

The B3 is the third and tallest model in the B series of Yamaha Pianos. Unlike the B1, the B3 has a solid spruce soundboard, which allows for a larger range of tone, and unlike the B2 it has 5 back posts.



Don’t just take my word for it, here is what I found on a forum on Piano World -

bq, “A used U1 will outperform a new B3. You are more likely to outgrow the B3 than outlive the U1 if the condition is excellent.” – source

Who should buy them?

If you really must buy a new piano and you are tempted by the B-series, the B3 is the best out of the bunch. However, please bear in mind that the same budget will get you a nice young reconditioned Yamaha U3, UX or other high-end professional grade piano that will never need upgrading and will likely hold its value longer, too.

Will I need to upgrade at some point?

Maybe. The B3 will probably keep most pianists happy as they work through their grades but there may come a time when you long for the best sound, the best touch, and for that you are going to have to upgrade to a nice U3, UX, U30A, U30BL or similar.


Height:  121cm
Width:    152cm
Depth:    62cm

New and used prices.

A new Yamaha B3 will cost around £6000. As a newer model, it can be hard to find a used YB3.


Please forgive me for over-egging this point but, yes, the B3 is a very nice piano, it will serve most people perfectly fine, but I believe it would be a massive missed opportunity if you don’t at least consider a reconditioned Yamaha U30A, U30BL, UX, etc as they are truly outstanding pianos with breathtaking sound that will last you a lifetime.