Yamaha B3SC2 upright piano

The Yamaha B3 is the tallest piano in the B series, with the SC2 indicating that it has the ‘silent’ option included. It’s a nice piano but are there better options for your money? If you have any technical info or corrections for this article, please email mgpianos@gmail.com.

The pros of buying a Yamaha B3SC2

  • It is the tallest of the B models at 121cm, so is closer to one of Yamaha’s ‘full size’ pianos.
  • It has a ‘silent’ option fitted, meaning that headphones can be used.
  • It is a budget piano.

What are the cons of buying a B3SC2?

  • You may soon want to upgrade to a higher quality model to help you through the higher grades.
  • Made in Indonesia, not in Yamaha’s best factory in Japan

When was it produced?

The Yamaha B3SC2 is still being manufactured today. If you know what year production began, please tell me. Probably the late 1990s?

Where was it made?

All of the B series pianos are manufactured in Yamaha’s factory in Indonesia. Yamaha makes its very best pianos in their Japanese factory in Hamamatsu.

How does it differ from similarly named models?

The B3SC2 is the third and tallest model in the B series. Unlike the B1SC2, the B3SC2 has a solid spruce soundboard, which allows for a larger range of tone, and unlike the B2SC2 it has 5 back posts for more structural rigidity.



Don’t just take my word for it, here is what I found on a piano world forum

‘a used U1 will outperform a new B3. If I said it another way, you are more likely to outgrow the B3 than outlive the U1 if the condition is excellent.’ source

Who should buy them?

If you really want a new piano and are set on the B-series, the B3 is the best out of the range . However, for a similar budget you will get a great reconditioned Yamaha U3, UX or similar concert level piano that will last last a lifetime and will better hold its value. 

Will I need to upgrade at some point?

Maybe. The B3 will probably see most students through their grades, but there may come a time when you long for a higher quality touch and tone, and for that you are going to have to consider a nice U3, UX, U30A, U30BL or similar.


Height:  121cm
Width:    152cm
Depth:    62cm

New and used prices.

The Yamaha B3SC2 costs around £6500 new but it hard to find a secondhand one.

Alternative models to consider similar to this.

A similar, but better model to the Yamaha B3 is the Yamaha U1, it’s the same height but is from Yamaha’s professional line of pianos so you should expect a much better touch and tone. You could add a silent kit to a U1 if that feature is important to you.


The B3SC2 is a nice piano, it does the job, but it just doesn’t have the same kind of quality as some of Yamaha’s Japanese models such as the U30A, U30BL, UX, etc, which are truly fantastic instruments with an amazing sound that will last a lifetime.