Yamaha C110 Upright Piano

The Yamaha C110 was made in China and is very small, try aiming for something at least 120cm tall. If you have any technical info or corrections for this article, please email mgpianos@gmail.com.

The pros of buying a Yamaha C110

  • It is a small.
  • It is a cheap piano

What are the cons of buying a Yamaha C110?

  • The Yamaha C110 is very small which means it has short strings and a small soundboard.
  • It can sound a little harsh and bright.
  • It was made in china to keep production costs low, however, the best Yamaha pianos are manufactured in Japan, try looking for a Japanese model like the Yamaha U1.

When was it produced?

The Yamaha C110 is no longer being produced. I couldn’t find when this piano started to be manufactured.

Where was it made?

The C110 was produced in the Pearl River factory in China. All Yamaha’s best pianos come from their Hamamatsu factory in Japan.

How does it differ from similar named models?

A similar model to this one is the Yamaha C108 or the Yamaha  M5J, which is also only a tiny 108cm.



Don’t just take my word for it, here is what I found on the UK Piano Forum

“I sent the C110 back to the shop as my original problem of a few buzzy notes could not be fixed by the tech and bought a 2nd hand U1.”

Who should buy them?

If you just need a piano to mess about with and look good then a C110 will be OK. However, if you have any wish to improve your playing and want something that sounds good, you’ll want to consider something a little higher quality. Your best option would be a reconditioned Yamaha U1, U10BL, U10A or similar. 

Will I need to upgrade at some point?

Yes, definitely. You can expect to outgrow this piano quite soon.


Height:  110cm
Width:    148cm
Depth:    54cm

New and used prices.

This Piano is no longer made new but you can buy a used one from around £2000 

Alternative models to consider similar to this.

An alternative models to the Yamaha C110 is the Yamaha U1, which is a much better option for those who need a smaller piano of the best quality.


If you play often or you want to progress your playing, we think you should avoid this model and look at something at least 120cm tall such as the excellent Yamaha U1.